Architecture provides/occupies (SPACE)
Architecture is the most negotiated practice in the world. Rather than merely reacting to a brief, our approach is to address the complexity of desires, questions and uncertainties behind it, by recognizing the intuitive geometry of space and emotion. Topology, matter, gravity are what define our everyday surroundings, and this is what is at the basis of our architectural thinking. Architecture appears in this endless field, providing space while occupying a specific place at the same time.
Architecture embodies (ENERGY)
Architecture externalizes energy, it embodies the synergy of cooperating forces that are at its origin. Energy is more than an everpresent resource. In physics, energy would be described as the scalar physical quantity that describes the amount of work that can be performed by a force. There is an architectural equivalent to this kind of energy: that which the process of building both requires and generates. Creative energy is our capital resource.
Architecture implies (TIME)
Architecture originates from a dialogue with the client, the result is therefore always a visionĀ². Caution is our modus operandi, opening up to the temporal dimension of the architectural process while allowing time itself to become one of its constituents.