Location: Koekelberg, Belgium
Category: Office building
Type: Renovation
Surface: 406 m²
Status: 2014-2015, completed

The current Bank J. Van Breda & C° office is located in a classical corner building in Brussels. The client wants to upgrade it to today’s standards. Internal reorganisation and optimisation were needed and the whole project is being thoroughly planned so that the new office will be operational in only a few months time.

The ground floor is being converted into the client-accessible floor with meeting rooms and a reception area. Upstairs the office desks are arranged to create an open and flexible working floor. The upper level hosts the refectory and a lounge, both offering a more cosy atmosphere to work in. As employees walk up the stairs, the atmosphere noticeably changes from formal to informal.

The building is also getting a complete technical makeover as well. HVAC is being upgraded to become more efficient and to offer higher performance. Thanks to the projects intensive planning process, the client sees maximum results in a limited amount of time.