Location: Bruges, Belgium
Category: Office building
Type: Renovation
Surface: 836 m²
Status: 2013-2015, completed

Bank J. Van Breda & C° acquired this monumental building with an extensive garden to make it their main office in Bruges. The challenge for the design was to preserve the monumental character and to enhance its features to accommodate for all the modern needs of an office, while adding new and contemporary elements.

Structurally, the layout remains largely untouched. In the basement, an auditorium will be built for internal meetings or events. The main hall will continue to serve as a central area for reception, while maintaining the existing grandeur of the stairs and the light dome. The ground floor also hosts the conference rooms, accessible to the clients. The upper floor contains the open office for the co-workers and some internal meeting rooms. The second floor will serve as lunchroom and archive.

The façades will be renovated and restored to their original glory. New window frames with similar details will be placed with double-glazing to meet modern demands for thermal insulation. The respectful and detailed approach of this design restores this magnificent building to its original appearance while making it suited for its new function as a bank.