Location: Grimbergen, Belgium
Category: Office building
Type: Renovation
Surface: 728 m²
Status: 2014, completed

Bank J. Van Breda & C° acquired an office building designed by Conix Architects to house their affiliate in Grimbergen. Since the building is quite recent, the brief required adjustments to the interior to adjust it to the bank’s corporate identity.

Structurally, the building will remain untouched. For the entrance hall, a new reception was designed and an auditorium and a refectory are being installed. On the first floor, a meeting room will be inserted into the open space as a box. The landscape office is being reorganised and new furniture installed. A lounge area will bring a more informal atmosphere to everything.

The project mainly consists of interior design. The clear and open layout of the existing building made it possible to easily adapt the floors to the needs of the new owner, adjusting it nevertheless to the bank’s corporate identity.

Photography: © Luc Roymans