Location: Hasselt, Belgium
Category: Office building
Type: Newly built
Surface: 654 m²
Status: 2013-2017, completed

The location for this new branch of Bank J. Van Breda & C° is next to the ring around Hasselt. The building will be perceived from a moving perspective, as a pedestrian, on a bike or while driving a car. This movement was the inspiration for the volumetric stapling and twisting concept and the façade cladding. Three volumes stacked on top of each other have different angles to express a certain shift in perspective. The vertical cladding creates playful views showing all the possibilities of an open and closed façade, depending on the angle at which you’re moving past it.

As for the layout, this project clearly needed of an underground parking space. The ground level is accessible to the public and houses meeting rooms and an auditorium for events. The shifted upper level contains the landscape office. The third level houses the refectory and the technical spaces. The building will be conceived as a massive concrete construction. The façade cladding will be made out of pre-patinated zinc.

As a newly built office, the building will meet all the modern heating and ventilation regulations, meeting the client’s ambition to build an efficient office with low maintenance costs. High insulation standards and special technical solutions will be utilized to meet this end.

Photography: © Luc Roymans