Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Category: Private residence
Type: Renovation
Surface: 155 m²
Status: 2019-2022, completed

In the same building as PK APARTMENT, this project is situated on the ground and first floor. It combines these 2 levels into a new duplex apartment. The existing ground floor was a garage and is being converted into living spaces with an adjacent city garden. A two meter extension into the garden with a wide slide and fold window marks the separation between inside and outside.

The new layout features a central staircase for vertical and internal circulation. On the first floor the concrete structure is made visible again and all walls are being demolished to create a sense of openness and lightness throughout the spaces. This floors contains the master bedroom with a freestanding bathtub, a walk in wardrobe and a bathroom in the back. In the front there is a large office space, that could also function as a second bedroom.

The choice for steel for all new structural elements creates a clear understanding between the old and the new and merges the whole together into a semi industrial atmosphere. All other materials are left raw and unfinished, like painted brickwork, sanded concrete and smoked wood.

Technical and sanitary installations are fully updated throughout the whole building. The whole project is an excellent example of how to readapt a 70’s concrete apartment building into spacious and comfortable living units.