Location: Melsele, Belgium
Category: Private residence, commercial building, veterinary
Type: Newly built
Surface: 808 m²
Status: 2012-2015, completed

Project in two phases: first, building an IVF clinic for horse breeding with stables and a studio for the owner. Second, building the actual house for the client.Very few restrictions from the client. The initial starting point is an iconic archetype of a house and a stable with a rectangular shape featuring a pitched roof. The two shapes are then connected, twisted and cut again by displacing the crest and playing with the inclination of the gutter and the mouldings. Vertical and repetitive rhythm of the façade openings gives a certain degree of uniformity and visual connection between the structures.

We’re using the artistic license in this project to enhance the spatial experience, both internally and externally, and to create interesting new perspectives. By doing so, we plan to achieve the maximum result with most minor structural impact. Inside of the stables, we’ve added bearing walls in large format concrete blocks combined with a wooden roof truss. External materials include the hardwood for the windows and the cladding made of clay bricks and tiles, both in a reddish-brown tone. Natural materials are well integrated in a rural surrounding, without introducing an alien element of contemporary architecture.

The cost of a standard stable is very low but the client acknowledges the added value of an integrated design with the house. Setting a higher standard for materials and formal qualities within the given boundaries adds a comfortable feel and unique character.