Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Category: Private residence
Type: Renovation
Surface:  79 m²
Status: 2014-2015, completed

The project is situated in a typical 70’s apartment building in Zurenborg. The layout features central vertical circulation, dividing the flat in living space and kitchen towards the street and sleeping area towards the back. Opening up the internal divisions and walls creates a see through flat with a sense of openness. A new central skylight brings a lot of natural light in the hallway. New flooring throughout the whole flat unifies the spaces.

Technical and sanitary installation are fully updated. A new open kitchen is installed. The continuous wall in the living room and master bedroom have been designed with a flexible made to measure shelving system. Adding two bright tones of Le Corbusier’s color palette give the flat a playful yet contemporary feel.

Photography: © Filip Cleynen