Location: Kessel Lo, Belgium
Category: Private residence
Type: Newly built
Surface: 290 m²
Status: 2010-2014, completed

This site has a beautiful view of an old orchard. Despite significant legal restrictions on the property, we worked closely with clients to provide a highly contemporary structure and to act as a centrepiece for their business. Of particular interest was the carport, which was not to be built as a separate adjacent structure, but rather be integrated into the central structure itself. Initially a rather compact design, the project later grew in dimensions while still maintaining its central goals.

We decided to open up the living space entirely to the garden. The ground level is designed as a panoramic frame, adding an interesting perspective to the garden façade. The sun blinds are adjustable to create the right indoor climate and to give shelter to the covered terrace – when needed. The carport and outdoor storage are integrated in this frame to underscore this horizontal feel. The upper level is a compact volume that mainly contains the sleeping zone. Large top to bottom wooden frames give a vertical rhythm in contrast to the ground floor.

The house is a low energy building for a young family that sets efficiency as a their standard, supporting them both financially and encouraging good environmental practices for the future.

Photography: © Luc Roymans