Location: Sint Joris Weert, Belgium
Category: Private residence
Type: Newly built
Surface: 163 m²
Status: 2012-, on hold

An extension to a villa built in 2005, the clients want to cover their existing pool to maximize its use throughout the colder seasons. Additionally, they wanted to cover the adjacent underground patio and add new living space on the ground floor to accommodate their growing family. Inspiration was derived from a dance performance by Pina Bausch in an all glass space. An all glass volume is quite challenging, combined with the technical demands of a covered swimming pool. The project is an exercise in mass and transparency.

Contemporary architecture with a cutting edge feel and as an extension of the existing house. To underline its architectural qualities, there has to be a subtle link to the new living space and the covered pool. To compliment the rest of the home, black aluminium panels and windows, glass and bricks will be the main building elements.

The combination of aesthetic demands and technical requirements – covering, heating and ventilating the existing swimming pool – requires an integrated approach. External consulting on heating and ventilation, as well as on humidity control for the seasons, is essential to the project.