Location: Diepenbeek, Belgium
Category: Private residence
Type: Newly built
Surface: 253 m²
Status: 2012-2015, completed

Advanced and intelligent techniques are planned. The heat pump is combined with cooling, floor heating. Structural sun blinds on the south and southwest glazed facades and mechanical and controlled ventilation. Everything is part of integrated research by technical and structural engineers and our architects.

Simplicity rules. Client wanted a project that seeks balance between budget and spatial quality. That’s why the façades are mainly built out brick and combined with aluminium cladding and windows. Realisation will likely be phased as client prefers to build maximum volume first and choose finishings that can be altered in the future when a more flexible budget is available. The garage will be built separately in the garden. Space has also been allowed should the client choose to build a swimming pool in the future.

Decision was made not to build a basement or garage within the insulated building to allow for optimal insulation of the outer shell. Together with the compact planning and integrated techniques, this house is an example of how intelligent planning can take a small budget further.

Photography: © Luc Roymans