Location: Kruibeke, Belgium
Category: Public building
Type: Renovation, adaptive reuse
Surface: 2567 m²
Status: 2016-2019, discontinued

This project consists of the reorganization of the front- and backoffice services in the town hall of Kruibeke. The complex program was translated into making a clear seperation between the public and private atmosphere. The circulation throughout the complex existing building is being optimized and the building is made accessible for disabled people. Unused spaces are being upgraded.

For the offices, we introduced the concept of NWOW, which stands for New World of Working. This concept is based on the 3 B’s: bricks, bytes and behaviour. As for the bricks, this means that the working spaces are being refurbished with different working atmospheres, adapted to the type of work and the level of concentration required. We have quiet zones, semi-quiet zones and dynamic zones in which different types of ergonomic furniture are placed. Also different types of meeting rooms are planned to suit the different needs of the employees. A horizontal structure is introduced, along with digitization, paperless office, home working and flexible working spots.

The whole reorganization is an example of a new working culture in the public sector. These contemporary offices are being tailored to the individual needs of the end user, with an improvement of the public services as a goal.