Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Category: Hospitality
Type: Restoration and conservation
Surface: 220 m²
Status: 2019-, under construction

The building is an UNESCO world heritage site, therefore it is registered as a historical building with high heritage and architectural value. It is known as ‘Het Stoelken’ and has had a commercial function of over 450 years. It is a traditional “deep” house from the third quarter of the 16th century.

The goal of this project is to restore end conservate this commercial property located at a key location on the Grote Markt in Antwerp and make a branch in it for the “al taglio” pizza manufacturer Mamma Roma.

In close collaboration with the restoration team and the communal services, the original structural elements will be treated with respect to preserve maximally. The roof and facade will be restored in its old glory. The reference point is the 1923 appearance of which still exists layers on the facade and very detailed information through historical photos.

Internally the reorganisation is done with high care for the existing elements and the historical layout, recreating a void between the ground and the first floor. These 2 levels will host the restaurant in an open floor and easy acces setup.