Location: Langdorp, Belgium
Category: Private residence
Type: Newly built
Surface: 172 m²
Status: 2009-2011, completed

This ground level house with an open plan translates the principle of “design for all”. It honours the qualities of accessibility, functionality, aesthetics, comfort, and flexibility. There is no vertical circulation, only a clear division between the day and night zone. The design expresses a great sense of fluidity and transparency, avoiding discontinuities between house and street, between bedrooms and bathroom, and between the home, the terrace deck, and the garden. With its adaptable design, it responds to changing uses over the lifetime of its inhabitants – both as a family and as individuals.

In structural terms, the volume is an open box with adjustable, non load-bearing walls. These internal walls are positioned on a grid that provides several possibilities for spatial division. The dimensioning of the plan allows for the integration of prefab concrete roof elements, resulting in a construction method that is both cost effective and time efficient. The polished concrete floors give an industrial yet smooth atmosphere to the living areas, and provide a contrasting background for the warm wood used for furnishings and kitchen.

The underfloor heating system maximises the freedom and flexibility of the internal organisation and creates a supported soft feeling of comfort.