SV Duplex

Location: Leuven
Category: Private residence
Type: Renovation
Surface: 215 m²
Status: 2010-2011, completed

The client was able to acquire both an existing apartment and the attic above it. The chance to unify these two adjoining spaces provided us with unique opportunities for the layout and their integration. While the two floors were initially separated, we converted them into one duplex apartment to maximise usable space and provide a more open feel. The property was purchased and renovated to create an upmarket rental space in the city’s historic centre.

We integrated a central stairway into the plan to anchor the surrounding space. The apartment on the 4th floor mainly became the night area and the former attic was converted into an open living space with a central kitchen element. The attic level was inittially very dark and as such we proposed to tearing down a bearing wall to create the central zone containing the open kitchen. This separated the space into a quiet living area on one side and a dining area on the other.

Proper insulation for the previously uninhabited attic was of the utmost importance to ensure energy efficiency and a lower cost of living. Though it remains difficult to apply our own approach on energy use when renovating, we ensured that existing structures spare residents from high heating costs.